• 3 Ways to Make Use of Leicester Chauffeuring Services

    January 12, 2016 | Blog | admin
  • corporate chauffeurs leicesterIt definitely feels nice to be riding in an executive chauffeur driven Mercedes cars. But being driven around in a luxury vehicle isn’t just for corporate events. You can avail of chauffeuring services even when you just want to go shopping with your friends or need a ride for the many attractions in the Midlands. Here’s a list of other ways you can use a chauffeur-driven car:

    Hire a prestige car for your big day

    Sometimes, you rely on family members to drive you on your wedding. While it is sweet and does allow you to save money, there are reasons for hiring a chauffeur-driven car on your special day. For one, a professional driver allows your family members or friends to relax a little bit more. Although they would gladly provide you with assistance, hiring a wedding car chauffeur allows them to take more part in the merriment.

    The nice thing about getting chauffeuring services is the selection of cars available. You can go for a vintage vehicle or something more modern looking, all depends on the theme of your wedding.

    Use a Chauffeur-driven car when celebrating with friends

    Your birthday comes once a year and if you want to celebrate in style with your closest pals, why not get chauffeuring services? By doing so, you can concentrate more on the people close to you rather than driving. This way, you can create unforgettable memories that you can relive for years to come.

    Suppose you want to celebrate your birthday by visiting several attractions around the Midlands. While public transport is available, they have a schedule to follow so there will be moments when you’re forced to stay in one place longer than usual. Hiring a chauffeur for the day means you can hop in and hop out from one destination to the next with ease.

    Hire a Chauffeur-driven car when shopping

    Shopping is great when you have your own transportation. When you don’t, you have to control yourself or else you’ll have a hard time returning home trying to carry all your purchases. To avoid this problem, why not schedule a day for shopping (you can even take your friends with you) then hire a chauffeur to take you around the shopping district.

    With a chauffeur-driven vehicle, you have all the storage you need to store your purchases before moving on to the next destination. Even better, you can do this for yourself or do it as a treat for a family member or friend. For instance, you can treat your mother to a shopping experience that is made better with her own personal chauffeur for her birthday or on Mother’s Day. It is one day out of the year when you can show how thankful you are for everything they have done.

    You can always hire a chauffeur-driven car whether you need chauffeuring in Melton Mowbray or anywhere else in the Midlands. Doing so is not just limited to special occasions like birthdays nor is the practice just for businessmen. There are various occasions when you can make use of chauffeuring services and three of them have been highlighted above. To make a booking or for more information please call the office on 0116 366 1931 or email us at enquiries@leicesterchauffeurservices.com