• Times when you always should hire a Chauffeur

  • chauffeurs leicesterThere are certain times in life when hiring a chauffeured car isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Whether you are trying to impress a client or go on a holiday, sometimes it just makes way more sense – and saves you money – to book a chauffeured executive car. Read ahead to find out the top 5 times when you should always hire a chauffeur.

    Going on a holiday

    No matter where you are travelling, if you are planning to take a plane or embark on a sea voyage, there is no better way to get there in style than with a chauffeured executive car. Leave the car at home and forget about lugging your bags on and off of a train – hiring a chauffeured car gets you there on time, in style and at a price that is a lot lower than you might think. After all, if your family of five (or more) is going on a cruise, it would take 2 normal taxis or hundreds of pounds worth of train fare to get you to the seaport at Southampton, Bristol or Harwich. A chauffeured car will do the job for a lower price, and you’ll reduce your stress by a priceless amount.

    Celebrating an anniversary or other special event

    Are you planning to propose? Maybe you’re celebrating your wedding anniversary? Perhaps it is another romantic milestone in your life? No matter what, if you want to imbue your evening with a special romance that your partner will never forget, hire a chauffeured car. This small act is sure to impress and delight your significant other.

    Marking a meaningful occasion

    There are many times in life when you mark meaningful occasions. Some of these are joyous events (such as weddings), and others are sombre and sad (such as a funeral or celebration of life). No matter what, you will want to have someone else take care of the driving. Hiring a chauffeured care allows the guests and organisers to take care of the matters at hand, and it also means that they don’t have to monitor their drinking.

    Impressing a client or potential hire

    If you are trying to land a big client or you want to sign the best recruit to your firm, sending a chauffeured car to pick them up can send a big message. Not only do you value them, but you have the means and class to hire a chauffeur in a Mercedes, E & S Class or Viano MPV executive car.

    Making the most of your time

    If you are travelling from Leicestershire to nearby areas (such as Kirby Muxloe, Cropston, Groby, Rothley, Woodhouse Eves, and Switherland) or all the way to London or beyond, you’re spending a lot of time in transit. If you are a busy salesperson or entrepreneur, this is time that you could be using for work. Our chauffeured cars include complimentary Wifi and in-seat desks, allowing you to get work done the entire time you’re travelling in our cars. Time is money – and we can help you save both

    If you are looking for a chauffeur in Leicester for special occasions, wedding transport, corporate events, conferences, or business meetings call or email Leicester Chauffeur Services and we’ll make the necessary arrangements. Or you can book online now.