• Bentley Flying Spur

  • Some clients want a speedy luxurious car that drips with class and style. That’s what you get if you choose a Bentley Flying Spur for a chauffeured car during your trip to Leicester.

    Why not enjoy luxury while you are on a trip as a tourist? Surely this is one way to make your visit more fun and enjoyable than riding a commuter train or bus. If you plan on shopping, going out to eat with your family or friends. A smooth, speedy ride on a Bentley Flying Spur will ensure that you will experience it.

    Of course, a skilled, professional driver is always a part of the package when you book a Bentley with Leicester Chauffeur Services. There is no shortage of well-maintained modern, classy cars in our fleet that our clients enjoy riding. Whether for a special event or as a tourist in any city we cover.

    Ride in Serene and Uncompromising Comfort and Style


    What makes the Bentley Flying Spur special is its elegance from inside and out. Its flawless exterior is best for any type of event and client. That’s why many of them choose this car for all types of functions.

    The Flying Spur offers exceptional luxury and performance. It has a refined W12 engine integrated with a variable displacement system that improves fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. With soundproofed floors and doors, this car provides a relaxing and calm environment that many clients are after. It also has polished interior and hand-crafted upholstery which shows the craftsmanship of its manufacturer.

    Clients enjoy the spacious interior, ventilation, entertainment features, as well as climate settings and seat heating especially during long rides from the airport or seaport. An exhaustive flight or cruise definitely needs a relaxing ride after all, complete with great music provided by a state-of-the-art digital in-car sound system.

    Book Our Bentley Flying Spur

    If you wish to book our Bentley Flying Spur, you can use our online booking form or simply contact us for any enquiry.