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  • braunstone town chauffeursBraunstone Town is a civil parish that is rich in parks and nature areas. ‘Greening’ this town is among the primary projects of the local community.

    Volunteers and sponsors put their effort in making the mature woodlands much better for wildlife and the community. Among the many projects is the Highway Spinney which is between Hickley Road and Braunstone Lane.

    Local parks include Mossdale Meadows, Merrileys Park, Holmfield Park, and Watercourse Walk among many others. The Osiers Nature Area has a pond and stream, and leads through mature woodland and into meadows. Admission is free, but travellers should adhere to the rules. Taking photographs is okay, respect the wildlife, keep dogs under strict control, keep the area clean.

    Visiting Braunstone Town may not appeal to the business type of client, but it is a great destination for nature, wildlife, and ‘open park’ lovers. Families and groups are often the ones you will find visiting this town especially those who want to escape the busy city streets and usual tourist attractions which are often congested.

    While a few accommodations are available, Braunstone Town does not have a railway station within the parish. The nearest is the Leicester station. The PlusBus is a train and bus ticket system which can be bought together at a discount. Though this may seem promising, it is best to book a chauffeured car in Braunstone Town in order to enjoy many of the scenic spots.

    Chauffeured Cars

    Another benefit of booking chauffeured car in Braunstone Town is to ensure to comfort and safety to your entire group or family. If this is an unfamiliar territory to you, our skilled professional drivers will be there to assist and take you to your desired destinations. If you have a list of places to visit in Braunstone Town, you can also send us a copy upon booking so we will know beforehand where you want to go and how our drivers can best serve you during your visit.

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