• Corporate Chauffeur

  • Business travel can either be fantastic or horrific, let’s face it. If you’re a corporate leader or businessman and you often travel to specific destinations for meetings and to do business-related tasks, you would only want to focus on your itinerary. But if you have to worry about riding on the road via taxi, bus or any public vehicle, it can be an added concern.

    A Better and Safer Choice

    Hiring a corporate chauffeured car is the most convenient way to travel on the road during a business trip. A chauffeured car can be arranged to pick you up from the airport and drop you off at the hotel on your arrival. The daily chauffeur itinerary may include pick-ups from your hotel to business meetings or your regional office. All you need to do is tell us your requirements based on your travel itinerary.

    If you have a preferred car of choice, Leicester Chauffeur Services can provide you several options among our fleet. We only want the best for our corporate and business clients. Because commuting and riding an uncomfortable car can ruin your trip on a certain level. You have the option to whether ride on a luxury car or a high-end sedan during your stay.

    For those booking trips for managers and executives, see to it that you also book a chauffeured car. While it is easier to just provide a budget for taxi rides, it’s best to consider your managers’ safety and comfort as well.

    Provide a little luxury by also booking a chauffeured car if they are bound to any town in Leicester. Consider the benefits of having a set budget based on your manager’s itinerary for the whole trip and the possible discount you can get for a full package. Plus, you also have the peace of mind knowing your managers are always safe and sound during the business trip.

    Need a chauffeured car

    Book a chauffeured car for your corporate executives or your company’s guests by filling out our online booking form. You may also  contact us for enquiries.