• Oadby

  • Oadby is a small town just five miles southeast of Leicester city centre. It is known for the Leicester Racecourse and the University of Leicester Botanical Garden.

    This town is primarily a residential area for families and it has a diverse population. Its comprised of various properties ranging from Edwardian homes to current purpose-built accommodation blocks. Such properties are especially popular among university students.


    First of all Oadby is an interesting town to visit and discover. Aside from the main attractions in this town, there are numerous restaurants such as the Cheikho’s, Oadby Spice, Swatlands, Grange Farm, and Oadby Owl. Other places of interest include Saint Paul’s Church, Uplands Park, Brocks Hill Country Park and Visitor Centre. In addition leisure attractions also include Oadby Swimming Pool and Oadby Tennis Club.

    Sports clubs and leisure centres are also available in town mostly for groups and individuals of all ages. Visit the Parklands Leisure Centre, where you can find the Dolly Rockit roller derby league. The Grandville Tennis Club is located at London Road and offers standard tennis for all ages. The local rugby team, the Leicester Tigers, train at the Oval Park.

    Whether you are in town for business or leisure, there are local attractions and activities that will keep you interested and busy. Going from one place to the next can be done via local bus line. However, if you need a more comfortable, safer, and relaxing tour of the town within a few days of your stay, it is best to book a chauffeured car in Oadby.

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