• Mercedes Executive MPV Viano

  • Mercedes Executive MPV Viano

  • A bigger car for a family or group of travellers is much better than a cramped old sedan. That’s why a Mercedes Executive MPV Viano is the best decision you will ever make on your upcoming trip to Leicester. You can expect a more relaxing, spacious, comfortable, and safe ride. Starting from the time you are pick-up at the airport, to your hotel drop-off, and while touring the cities during your stay.

    If you belong to a family or group of eight, the Mercedes Executive MPV Viano is the right car for you. It has extensive luggage capacity of a maximum of seven large suitcases and hand-carry bags. This car also has a meeting table and leather seating which allows riders to conduct meetings on the go.

    The Best Car for a Small Group


    Like most of the cars in our fleet, the Mercedes Executive MPV Viano is a great option for all types of clients and their travel needs. This is the car to choose if your corporate team, sporty friends, and family need a spacious car for a specific event or function. Whatever your needs are, this car can deliver the best experience and price. Without compromising your safety and comfort.

    Families are often the usual clients when it comes to booking a spacious car with Leicester Chauffeur Services. They are, most of the time, none locals who are in the region for short vacations and new adventures. Hiring a chauffeured car in Leicester is one of the top decisions when it comes to planning for a trip. This is always the case for families with children because they find it difficult to ride on public transport. It is often the discomfort and the inconvenience of going from one place to another and with children in tow that let them make this wise decision.

    Small group of travellers and businessmen are also among the clients who benefit from hiring a Mercedes Executive MPV Viano. While chitchatting is a common thing to do when travelling, this isn’t what businessmen want. Short meetings, on the go, planning for the next destination, as well as making calls back home can be conveniently and peacefully done while riding this car. And of course, you can always expect a gracious and skilful driver to take you to your destination.

    If you wish to book our Mercedes Executive MPV Viano, you can our online booking form for booking or contact us for any enquiry.