• Stretch Hummer Limousine

  • Stretch Hummer Limousine

  • Riding in a bigger and more accommodating car is the perfect solution for large group’s when it comes to road trips, sports arenas or going to a party. This is quite the scenario when you put a group of execs, sports fans, families, or VIPs who are looking for a car that will fit them all at once.

    Families who are travelling from abroad will surely love the luxury of riding a Stretch Hummer Limousine. No need wait for the train or taxi to accommodate everyone. This is the same for weddings and entourages since groups can ride in one car and the couple in another.

    Travelling businessmen will also enjoy the experience and luxury of a Stretch Hummer Limousine. Because of its space and numerous features. It is easier, more convenient, and cost-effective to book one high-capacity car than hailing multiple taxis to take your entire team to a meeting or office building.

    The More the Merrier

    The Stretch Hummer Limousine is one of the best options if you don’t need multiple cars for an event. This car can accommodate 16 passengers. It is one of the over-eight passenger vehicles that are COIF compliant.

    Apart from its capacity, many of our clients prefer this car because of its features. The Stretch Hummer Limousine is equipped with:

    -13-colour changing roof,

    -air conditioning,

    -four large TV screens,

    -two bars,


    -privacy glass,

    -satellite navigation,


    -executive VIP area,

    -wide variety of free non-alcoholic beverages and champagne.

    Clients are ensured that their trips are safe, comfortable, and luxurious every time. Our professional, skilled drivers are experienced in handling this car and the needs of our clients.

    If you wish to book our Stretch Hummer Limousine, you can use our online booking form for booking or contact us for any enquiry.