• Vintage Wedding Cars

  • Vintage Wedding Cars

  • Vintage wedding cars are like icing on a cake – they make the event more interesting, memorable, and classy. There are more reasons why couples are choosing vintage wedding cars apart from these, but typically they want the timelessness and class of these cars.

    Choosing a vintage car for your wedding is a better option rather than bugging your friends or family to lend you their own car on your wedding. This is one way to save them the hassles of sprucing the car before your special day and driving for you and your spouse. You can also save a bit of money since you will only need a budget for the chauffeuring service in Leicester, rather than paying for other extra fees.

    Finding vintage wedding cars in Leicester is not difficult and it is quite convenient as well. There will always be a chance of getting a good deal and save some extra money, time, and effort.

    For the Best Black and White Photos


    If you are feeling nostalgic or it is your wedding theme, booking a vintage wedding car to ride and include in your photos are the best part of the celebration. It makes the occasion more memorable and nostalgic, as you stick with the theme up to the wedding car you are riding.

    Your photographer will easily understand that you will need black and white, as well as sepia photographs to truly capture the theme and era. It is also possible for our driver to dress up in a vintage-looking attire to match the occasion and theme. Anything is possible and any request can be organized to make your special day more beautiful and memorable.

    Our vintage wedding cars may look outdated or out of place in the modern time, but these are great cars that can rival any modern car. Classic, luxurious, and definitely ideal for any special day – these are the best qualities of vintage wedding cars you can expect from Leicester Chauffeur Services.

    If you wish to book our vintage wedding cars, you can use our online booking form for booking or contact us for any enquiry.