• Sporting Events

  • Leicester is a great place to visit especially for sports fans. The city is known for its victorious and historic football, basketball, cricket, hockey, and speedway teams, and it is home to one of Europe’s leading rugby clubs. Indeed, there’s no shortage of sporting events and it’s best to watch any of them with your friends.

    However, one of the major caveats during the sports season is the hassling traffic. There will always be traffic jams going to the sports events and arenas, so choosing a strategic route is necessary.

    Choosing a Chauffeured Car vs. Your Own Car


    While you and friends each have a car, the convenience of riding one vehicle will always come to mind.

    But who’s driving?

    Certainly, this is the season where you should consider hiring a chauffeured car in Leicester which serves several towns where the games are held. The main reason for this is the convenience you and your friends will enjoy while going to the games. You can successfully do so by having pick-up and drop-off schedules to save on time and hassles.

    Chauffeur Hire

    Booking in advanced is key to getting the type of car you would like to ride on game day. You can choose among our fleet of cars to accommodate you and your friends. We can even throw in some drinks and snacks upon request. Best of all, you can sit back and relax during the ride and not worry about getting tired at the games and driving back home.

    Stress and traffic can be hassling during the sports season, but you have the option to book with a chauffeured car to enjoy the benefits. No need to worry about who’s driving to and from the games when you have a skilled professional driver at your service. Give yourself and your friends a huge favor by booking in advanced Leicester Chauffeur Services, so you can concentrate and enjoy the games.

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