• Syston

  • Syston is a town and civil parish in the Charnwood district. It is a town that’s home to a mix of historic buildings, restaurants, pubs, and facilities for leisure and other activities.


    For tourists who love monuments and historic buildings, the Church of St. Peter and Paul is the oldest in Syston. It was built with pink granite and white limestone with a prominent west tower topped by pinnacles, battlements, and lozenge frieze. The church dates back from the 15th century. It has a 13th century sedilia in the chancel. And a 14th century tomb recess in the south aisle.

    Other interesting activities include greyhound racing, which was predominant in the 20th century and was staged at a Mostyn Avenue stadium. A few miles from town are museums, leisure parks, and sports venues which will require you to either take a bus or train.

    Food & Drink

    For visitors who love a bit of nature and the outdoors, you should see the River Soar which runs past the western edge of Syston. For local produce, the Syston white plum is prominent since it has been grown locally for more than 100 years. The town is also home of Pukka Pies, one of the largest employers in Syston which has 250 employees.

    While you are in town, try the diverse restaurants and pubs serving Italian, Indian, Turkish, and of course, English cuisines. You will never get bored or hungry when in town.


    Nearby towns are also best to visit while you are in Syston. As mentioned earlier, most of the landmarks and attractions are found a few miles away from town, so you will need a vehicle to take you to places you want to see.

    Booking a chauffeured car in Syston will make your visit more comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective. Families with children will benefit tremendously especially when there are shopping and pick-up and drop-off requirements throughout your visit.

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