• Wigston Magna

  • Wigston Magna is situated at the centre of Leicestershire and East Midlands, five miles south of Leicester. There are a few notable attractions within town, but nearby towns are quite accessible by road travel especially if you will hire a chauffeured car in Wigston Magna.


    Visitors of other towns that are about one to three miles away can visit Wigston and vice versa. But make sure you do not pass up on sites such as the Wigston Framework Knitters Museum which is actually a unique relic or time capsule of knitting tools, frames, and houses Master Hosier Edgar Carter’s creations (i.e. worsted gloves, hose, and mitts). The museum allows private and organised vsits by appointment; admission prices are £2.50 for adults and 50p for children.

    The Peace Memorial Park which was established in 1921 through public donation is within the historic centre of the town. It is the home of the town’s bowls club and the pavilion is utilised by community groups and can also be hired for events. The park also has a picnic site for families and groups to enjoy.

    The Wigston Magna Library and Learning Centre is a large, modern central library in town. It provides an accessible ramp in front of the building, as well as lift and stairs at the lower floor.

    Places of interest

    Other places of interest near Wigston within one to three miles are the Leicester Racecourse and Cathedral; golf clubs in Oadby, Glen Gorse, Grace Road, and Leicester City; and the River Sence.

    The South Wigston Station is the nearest train station that’s less than a mile away, while the Leicester Station is around three miles from town. There are also regular commuter buses in town.

    However, in order to fully enjoy a hassle-free trip, it is best to book a chauffeured car in Wigston Magna. Staying in town and visiting local and neighbouring attractions will require more road trips that commuting may not allow. Book with Leicester Chauffeur Services and choose the right car for your trip to Wigston to ensure you’ll have cost-effective, safe, and comfortable road trips while in town.

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